0 for 2

sigh… so I wrote C—- off. He really wasn’t my type anyway. Last night I got a message from a 38 yr old guy, B—-. He wasn’t a subscriber, so he left me his cell #. I didn’t want to text from my phone because I wasn’t going to give out my # to someone I don’t know. I texted him from my google voice #. We talked for awhile, he seemed ok. He sent me a couple of pics, I definitely liked what I saw. I was actually going to let him come over. But then he said his brother needed to come over, but could we try later. I said ok. He even texted me this morning, and wanted me to make sure I got ahold of him after work.

I had found his facebook page (just by typing in his first name and last initial) apparently we have 8 friends in common. I think his brother used to play in a band that used to play alot with Nick’s band. He has lots of pictures of himself with his little girls, he looks like a good dad. So I felt better about letting him come over.

He is also very attractive. I couldn’t see his face in the pics he sent me, but now I know how hot he is. Too hot for me, apparently, even though he kept telling me how sexy he thought I was…

Around 4:30 he texted saying something came up at work, I said I had to go to my mom’s anyway, but I would be home around 9. So I texted him when I got home about 20 after 9, no answer. I even called his phone and left a message…

so, apparently I am 0 for 2. Damn. So many of the other guys that try to contact me are creepy. oh, and the icing on the cake is that the site sends you a “scientific match” once a day, and imagine my shock when today they told me one of my husband’s friends, p–, a guy whose house we used to live in, was a match for me. I’m sure he got a good laugh about it – they send it to both people. We have nothing in common and zero attraction toward each other. So I am beginning to regret wasting the 29.95 to sign up, because apparently their matching system is a total crock.
ok, maybe I spoke too soon, b—- just texted me that he fell asleep and just woke up….


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